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I am a clairvoyant & psychic medium and I combine these gifts with journalism and research skills to interpret how universal and spiritual truths apply and impact on our world. I’ve been reading tarot for decades, studying astrology for the past 5 years, & have been a clairvoyant all my life, experiencing psychic & emphatic events from childhood. I cover diverse subjects…global events, climate change, politics and future world trends and events. I use astrology to look at major planetary movements & conjunctions impacting our world, and I channel messages from passed over, inspirational souls and on spiritual themes. It’s a critical time for democracies across the world, and now is the time to speak up...for the universal, humanitarian and spiritual truths that unite us all. If you want to support my podcast you can send a donation via my Paypal link: https://PayPal.me/revealinglighttarot All donations are gratefully received, thank you.

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Can the US Republic survive?

Friday Jul 05, 2024

Friday Jul 05, 2024

This week's SCOTUS ruling on presidential immunity has laid bare the abuse of power of America's highest court. It follows the disunity within the Democratic Party post presidential debate, at a perilous time. However, vulnerability should create courage and unity to win against the proposed dictatorship offered by the MAGA Republican Party. Can the US Republic survive these challenges?

Friday Jun 21, 2024

The overturning of the legal doctrine of Terra Nullius (the land belonged to nobody) in 1992 by Australia's High Court led to the Native Title Act (1993) which established land rights for Australia's Indigenous peoples. We could learn from that historic decision globally and, particularly, in the dispossession of Palestinian peoples' lands who are Indigenous to the Israel/West Bank/Gaza regions. We can learn from facts, not religious fundamentalism, and that is why after all the death and destruction, there is hope that the current Gaza/Israel war will ultimately lead to a two-state solution.

Monday May 27, 2024

All things cannot be unstable forever. There is always a restructuring after chaos & destruction, and so for those who feel helpless watching current global events unfold, understand that great change is occurring and resolution & new order are the result.

Saturday May 11, 2024

With a backdrop of potent planetary conjunctions, solar flares and war on the ground, as well as an uptick in climate events, we should ask ourselves where we are placed spiritually in an era of accelerated change. Are we ascending or descending. I believe, the choice is ours individually at this time. Light or darkness?

Saturday Apr 27, 2024

The peaceful protests by students in the US and elsewhere across the world, against the continued murder of muslims in Gaza & the failure to negotiate hostage release, are a stark reminder that truth knows no sides and to try and suppress that truth is a dangerous moral slippery slope.

Saturday Apr 13, 2024

Uranus energy can deliver lightening events which bring much needed change and breakthroughs in intractable and ongoing situations. Beneficial Jupiter energy will expand what Uranus delivers. The conjunction occurs in the fixed energy of Taurus on April 20th 2024. Rather than viewing this conjunction negatively, we can expect the unpredictable that can lead, in time, to the goals and future we desire.

Friday Mar 29, 2024

The Baltimore bridge tragedy is a metaphor for the imbalance that is caused by rampant materialism that knows no bounds. It is there in Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu's indiscriminate bombing of GAZA and an unfolding genocide, along with reports of the desire for ‘ethnic cleansing’ and usurping of GAZA. It is there in Putin's lust for power and territory and his invasion of sovereign and resource rich Ukraine. How much is enough? I believe the energies are delivering consequences and this eclipse season will bring much to light.

Sunday Mar 17, 2024

The mainstream media in the US and Australia are covering Trump as a 'normal' presidential candidate. Of course we know through seeing the evidence, that he is not a 'normal' candidate. In fact, we've been warned repeatedly by his former Cabinet members he is a clear and present danger. His own VP whom he urged his supporters to 'hang' during the January 6th 2021 attack on the US Capital, has refused to endorse him. Yet...the media continues to cover him with credibility in their reporting. It's downright bizarre. 

Friday Mar 01, 2024

A parody meme on 'Christians against satellites' has gone viral, with many finding it hard to tell now what is real and what is not on social media...that is due in part to the basis of truth in parody. There are evangelical extremists groups dedicated to halting scientific and technological progress. These Middle Ages type of superstitions remind us of the power of Pluto in Aquarius in 2024 and beyond. It's a roadmap of what needs healing in the Collective.

Friday Feb 16, 2024

So much of our social media is consumed with hate. US singer and icon Taylor Swift called out hate in her iconic song...ironically she is now the subject of violent threats and vitriol because she advocates for liberal values, rights and freedoms. Feelings of hate always find a useful home in those that seek power. It's up to us to choose our politicians wisely...do we choose the haters, or those who moderate and heal divisions.


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I am a clairvoyant, medium, teacher and counsellor, and the founder of several successful spiritual social media platforms. I’m also an author and professional writer and communicator.

Thank you for joining me here on Random Sage. Sometimes the most profound experiences appear randomly, yet purposefully in our lives. I hope my podcast contributes to those unexpected but welcome moments where words and messages, apparently randomly timed, allow the light of awareness in…

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